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In Service

First Impressions

  • HospitalityX
    The servant-hearted members of HospitalityX prepare and serve beverages and warm smiles to our church family and visitors. Everything this team does eXudes from a spirit of eXcellence and is saturated by a sincere love for others.
  • SecurityX
    SecurityX is a team of individuals who humbly protect and serve our church family. These Peacemakers will often possess some level of emergency response and/or EMT eXperience to help provide an eXtra layer of protection should an uneXpected situation ever arise in service.
  • UshersX / GreetersX
    GreetersX are quick to open doors and eXcited to welcome everyone to church, as UshersX escort visitors to key locations throughout the building and provide seating assistance, as needed. This team is always ready to eXtend a helping hand and ensure new visitors receive a welcome gift.

LifekidsX / YouthX
The kids in LifekidsX range from 6 weeks through elementary school and YouthX serves our junior and senior high students. Teachers and helpers in either of these areas are passionate about strengthening and empowering the neXt generation as we raise up Game-Changers with an unshakeable faith! Serving opportunities in LifekidsX are available during service times and in YouthX during midweek services and monthly events.

While everyone is encouraged to pray, PrayerX eXists for those who are particularly eXcited about praying corporately (with others) over our services. This team meets 30 minutes prior to each service, to pray for that service. In addition, they also help pray for specific needs within the church body and in our communities throughout the week.

WorshipX / MediaX
WorshipX includes vocalists and musicians who live with integrity, lead with humility, and worship with complete abandon as they help usher the tangible presence of God into service on a weekly basis through eXtravagant worship.

The MediaX team supports the technical side of our worship eXperience by providing high-quality audio, video, and lighting assistance. Whether mixing sounds on the soundboard; displaying lyrics, scriptures, & videos onscreen; running cameras; or contributing to our online campus eXpereince, this team helps create an atmosphere of passionate praise.

Both of these teams meet together on a weekly basis to practice for upcoming services, then again, before service, to review and refine their set.

Outside of Service

FacilitiesX projects are opportunities to serve at the church building outside of our regular weekend services. Assignments may include administrative office assistance and errands; cleaning and/or organizing the church/offices/classrooms; and assisting with seasonal lawn care and landscaping projects, etc.

LifegroupsX provide an eXcellent opportunity to build friendships and grow stronger in our faith through spending focused time eXploring a shared curriculum. Our multi-week semesters are offered at varying times throughout the year. This is also a great way to eXpand the church as we eXtend invitations to people outside our walls to join us in our homes for these eXceptional study groups! To serve in this area by being a leader/coleader, one would first need to be willing to co-lead; then commit to attending training; and/or be willing to host a group in your home (or other appropriate location).

eXtreme Service
eXtreme Service originally paved the road for how LifechurchX would continue to eXtend outside the walls of the church to help others. It's motivated by nothing more than an authentic love for people and for our community. Jesus held nothing back when He served people, and neither do we. eXtreme Service projects will often push the limits of what one might normally eXpect a church to do—be it eXcessive heat, cold, heights, or depths, we are family, and we're here to serve.

Other Local eXtensions
In addition to eXtreme Service, we also have a variety of other avenues to help people eXtend into our communities. It may be through participating in churchwide initiatives that are offered throughout the year and/or through serving individually with local organizations through volunteerism. If you're not sure where to start, contact the church office. We'll do what we can to help assess your gifts and strengths and hopefully put you in touch with some of the local eXtensions we partner with!

Note: We also have a variety of special services throughout the year—such as conferences, women's events, and Christmas Eve—which will offer opportunities to serve on event-specific committees that will help organize, plan, prepare, set-up, and clean-up. Watch for communications on how to get involved in service & online!