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In Service

FacilitiesX projects are opportunities to serve at the church building outside of our regular Sunday services. Assignments may include administrative office assistance and errands; cleaning and/or organizing the church/offices/classrooms; and assisting with seasonal lawn care and landscaping needs.

Contact: Church Office,

eXchange is the name of the game for greeters as they help provide a sense of connection and a source of direction to our visitors and first-time guests. This friendly team can often be found opening doors, directing visitors to CafeX, and/or walking parents to their kids' classes.

Contact: Kendall & Debby Osborn,

CafeX is always bustling with activity on Sunday mornings as the servant-hearted members of the Hospitality Team prepares and serves coffee, water, and bagels for our members and guests. Everything this team does eXudes from a spirit of eXcellence and is saturated by a sincere love for others.

Contact: Vicki Heck,

LifekidsX is passionate about strengthening and empowering the neXt generation as we raise-up game-changers with an unshakable faith! The "Littles" (birth to 5 years) and the "Bigs" (6-12) have their own service each Sunday and a variety of crazy, messy, eXtreme summertime playdates.

Contact: Kati Heck (littles),
Brittany Heck (bigs),

The parking team sets eXpectations for visitors' by being the first friendly faces guests encounter upon arriving. This team also helps ensure the best use of the space we have available and directs the safest flow of traffic for vehicles and pedestrians as they enter and eXit the lot.

Contact: Church Office,

While everyone is encouraged to pray, the prayer team eXists for those who are particularly eXcited about praying corporately (with others) over our services, for our leadership, and for the community. This team meets in the conference room every Sunday, from 10:45 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.

Contact: Dorothy George,


SecurityX is a team of individuals who help provide an eXtra layer of protection for our church family during services. If you possess a "particular set of skills" that would lend themselves well to providing those types of services, please let us know!

Contact: Marcus Alston,

UshersX are always ready to eXtend a hand wherever needed. Providing seating assistance for our guests; helping with the flow of prayer lines; and preparing the platform for our pastors to speak are just a few of the ways they contribute to the smooth flow of our weekly services.

Contact: Ferd & Kim McBride, &

WorshipX/Media & Tech
The WorshipX/Media & Tech team includes singers, musicians, and A/V support techs (soundboard & onscreen). This team approaches every service with the eXpectation to honor God and eXperience His tangible presence through offering Him our most eXtravagant, passionate worship.

Contact: Church Office,

Note: We also have a variety of special services throughout the year—such as eXtreme Biker Sunday and Christmas Eve—which will offer opportunities to serve on event-specific committees that will help organize, plan, prepare, set-up, and clean-up. Watch for communications on how to get involved in service & online!

Outside the Walls

eXtreme Service
eXtreme Service originally paved the road for how LifechurchX would continue eXtend outside the walls of the church to help others. It's motivated by nothing more than an authentic love for people and for our community. Our random service projects typically push the limits of what one might normally eXpect a service organization to do—be it eXcessive heat, cold, heights, or depths, we serve in ways so eXtreme, no one else would do it!

Contact: Ferd & Kim McBride, &

The hospitalX team eXtends a hand when we become aware of an individual from the church who has been hospitalized. Responses may vary, based upon the situation, but may include hospital visits, prayer, ordering gift baskets/flowers, and/or providing meals, as appropriate. The fleXible, caregiving nature of this team lends itself well to the often uneXpected and sometimes urgent nature of this unique area of service to our church family.

Contact: Chuck & Lisa Ross,

LifegroupsX provide an eXcellent opportunity to build friendships and grow stronger in our faith through spending focused time eXploring a shared curriculum. Our multi-week semesters are typically offered twice a year—once in the spring and again in the fall. This is also a great way to eXpand the church as we eXtend invitations to people outside our walls to join us in our homes for these eXceptional study groups!

Contact: Patti Eddington,

Local eXtensions

Through our Local eXtensions, we partner with a variety of local organizations to help take the love of Jesus outside the church walls and share it with our friends and neighbors in the community. Below are just a few of the ways we accomplish this goal.

Teacher Recognition eXtension
In conjunction with the Waterloo School District, LifechurchX sponsors a teacher recognition eXtension in which one eXceptional teacher at each of the five schools in the district wins a plaque each month. At the end of the year, one of the plaque-recipients will be randomly selected to receive a cash award in appreciation for their eXcellence in teaching and serving our kids!

Zahnow PreK eXtension
Twice a month, LifechurchX provides snacks for Zahnow Elementary's Pre-K classes. This is an eXcellent way to help offset the cost that so many teachers have to absorb to ensure their students have ample provisions throughout the school year.

Back to School eXtension
Every summer, we provide an opportunity to donate backpacks and school supplies for students who may be able to use a little eXtra assistance in preparing to return to class. Watch the announcements and Website for details on how to get involved.

Thanksgiving eXtension
In November, we enjoy partnering with the House of Neighborly Services to provide holiday food items to local families in need. Watch the announcements and check out our Website this fall for shopping recommendations and details.

Christmas eXtension
At Christmas time, LifechurchX is honored to provide Christmas gifts to families in the community who may otherwise not be able to eXchange presents with one another. Information on how to participate will be available in service and on our Website in December.

Global eXtensions

Safe Homes and Deep Water Wells
Global eXtensions are our response to God's mandate that we go into all the world to spread the Gospel to people of all nations. Through our partnership with Crisis Aid International and Global Messenger service, we are able to touch the lives of people in Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Americas. Currently, we are digging wells in remote villages in India with Global Messenger Service and fighting human trafficking by helping build a new safe home in Ethiopia with Crisis Aid International.

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