eXtreme Power Washing in Waterloo, Illinois

March 25, 2017 mattnkati No comments exist

A bunch of scruffy dudes rolling up in trucks, donning rubber boots, and armed with fully-loaded power washers…This is the scene you eXperience when our eXtreme Service team steps out onto the streets of Waterloo, Illinois, with a plan to clean up the neighborhood. No…seriously…they’re literally cleaning up the neighborhood. If only they could learn to approach each house in slow motion to help add a bit more of a dramatic effect to their action-movie-style arrival! (We’re sure that wouldn’t be weird for the homeowners at all.)


For our March project, we maXed out the PSI on our equipment in order to peel away all the muck and grime that winter left in its wake. The dirt and algae didn’t stand a chance against this ragtag band of volunteers. Of course, getting a little carried away—as this team tends to do—we also destroyed one of the power washers and blew a hole through one of our guys’ pants (thank goodness he was wearing a second layer of clothes underneath!). But you know, that kind of stuff happens when you go all in on a project! Right?! So we came…we saw…and we washed, scrubbed, and scoured several area homes, garages, fences, and porch areas. Even better than all of that, we also got to spend time getting to know some eXtremely awesome people in our community...and honestly, that’s always the best part of what we get to do!


eXtreme Service is just one of the ways LifechurchX LOVES to get outside the walls of the church and eXtend a hand to our community. Maybe the neXt time we roll out, you might even like to join us?! To find out more about eXtreme Service, check out our Website at www.lifechurchX.com and/or follow our eXtreme Service Facebook page. We’ll see you out there!


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