Ladies’ Event Devo – Day Four: Wounded Warriors

June 25, 2019 mattnkati 1 comment

Welcome back to Day Four of our online video devotionals with Pastor Robert Morris. We're almost finished with this follow-up to our most recent ladies' event. Let us know what you think about this way of keeping in touch after our events are over. We love to hear your feedback!

We all are in a war and Satan uses our wounds to defeat us, but Jesus came to heal our souls and our emotional wounds.

Key Scripture: Luke 4:16–21
Jesus said He came to set the captives free. We have wounds that we just can’t overcome by ignoring. They are deep in our souls, but Jesus wants to heal all our wounds. Emotional healing will bring tremendous freedom to an individual’s life:

  • Jesus said He came to heal the brokenhearted. (Matthew 21:42; Ephesians 1:6)
    A broken heart causes rejection in our lives. Satan can use this sense of rejection to builds strongholds within us. When we reject God, it opens a door to the Enemy. We may need inner healing from emotional strongholds if we struggle with the following: anger, insecurity, pride, independence, being easily offended, excessive shyness and wanting to be always in control.
  • Jesus came to heal our emotional bruises. (Luke 4:18; Matthew 18:21–35)
    A bruise is an inward hurt and can hold us in bondage. To be bruised means to be crushed. Regarding bruises, Jesus said we need to be set free. Unforgiveness is the main door that being bruised can open. When someone wounds us, Satan is there ready to build a stronghold through the pain. These strongholds therefore show there are wounds in our souls that need to be healed.

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Discussion Questions

  1. Read Isaiah 61:1–5. What about these verses most encourages you? Why?
  2. Why do you think the Enemy tries so hard to bring things into our life to cause us to be brokenhearted?
  3. Why do you think people have a hard time coming to God to find healing for their broken hearts? What makes it hardest for you to come to God with your broken heart?
  4. The Bible says God is love. What are some of the ways God’s love brings healing to our hearts?
  5. Is there an area of your life where you’ve had a broken heart and God has healed you? As encouragement to others, share that testimony below.
  6. Take a moment to wait on the Lord and ask Him if there is an area of your heart that has been broken and He wants to heal. Invite Him to come heal that part of your heart.

1 Comment on “Ladies’ Event Devo – Day Four: Wounded Warriors

  1. Such a powerful message. It was eye opening when what I thought what were my personality traits were actually strongholds. These same traits I used for protection when actually were hurting me emotionally and spiritually.
    I prayed the prayer at the end and did indeed feel the stress leave me, a huge weight lifted. Thank you Jesus for loving me so much, to bring this correction to my sight and teaching me new ways. Thank you Jesus that I am still teachable!

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