Ladies’ Event Devo – Day One: Under the Influence

June 22, 2019 mattnkati 10 comments

Hi, ladies! We are so glad you were able to join us at our women's event on Friday evening! It was a great start to a truly eXtensive subject that can make a huge difference in how freely we can walk through this life! It's our hope that the online video devotionals we offer here will be a great way to continue to eXpand our understanding of what spiritual bondage is and how overcome those strongholds that may have been keeping us held back!

Pastor Robert Morris of Gateway Church in South Lake, Texas, has taught extensively on this subject. This week, we will listen to one of his messages every day, for five days, then discuss our thoughts in the comment section below. These videos are actually just a portion of his message series, "Free Indeed." So at the end of the week, we will post a link so you can access the rest of those teachings later.

“Therefore if the Son makes you free, you shall be free indeed” (John 8:36).

Key Scriptures: Mark 5:1–20; Luke 10:17–21
In order to be free as God intends for us, we must understand the following:

  • There really are demons.
    One-third of the angels fell from heaven with Satan when he rebelled against God. These fallen angels are demons. We read in Mark chapter 5 about a man who was under the influence of a multitude of demons and how that bondage affected him.
  • Demons really do enter people.
    Demons come only to steal, kill and destroy (John 10:1, 10). A Christian cannot be possessed by a demon in the sense of being owned, but a Christian can be under the control or influence of a demon.
  • Jesus really does cast demons out.
    Jesus cast out demons when He ministered to people. Also, He has given us authority as believers to do the same (Matthew 8:16; 9:32–33; 17:18; Mark 3:14–15; 6:12–13; 16:17; Luke 10:17–21).

So scroll down to watch video number one, "Under the Influence." Then, after viewing, scroll a bit further to discover a few discussion questions for us to consider and share, as we feel comfortable doing. Your responses can be left in the "Leave a Reply" area at the bottom of this page.

Discussion Questions

  1. What stood out to you from this message?
  2. What beliefs were you taught regarding the supernatural? Do you have a background that caused you to believe demons are not real? Or were you raised in a culture of superstition, with not only a belief in demons but also a fear of them? Or was casting out demons in Jesus’ name part of your experience?
  3. What are some indications we might be under the influence of a demon?
  4. Read the story of the demon-possessed man in Mark 5:1–20. What was the turning point in the story? What did the man do to be set free? What did Jesus do?
  5. Have you ever been set free from demonic influence in your life? Was it an immediate healing, or did God take you through a process? If you are willing, tell your story to the group in the comments section below.

10 Comments on “Ladies’ Event Devo – Day One: Under the Influence

  1. I never realized how vital this is to my walk with Christ. To be set free of all that bonds me in any way is so powerful. Thank you Jesus.

  2. I recently have been set free. It has taking me years to figure out what my problem has been. I realized about a year ago that demons started a stronghold in my life when I was a little girl. I never could understand why I knew things and/or felt things as a little girl that I was never introduced to. As I grew, it formed as an addiction. I have battled addiction for 26 years. I have had two weeks now where the obsessive compulsive behaviors and thoughts are gone. (I have had some breakthroughs before but nothing that feels this freeing.) I have no desire to go back to where I was. I’ve gone through treatment centers, NA, counseling and psychiatric care with no solutions. This process has been on going sense 2013 when I opened a small window for Jesus to help me. I was pregnant and totally hopeless. I asked Jesus to help me. It’s been a long road but I see every thing Jesus has done to help. I have not done any of it on my own. I just continue to thank Jesus and ask Him to keep doing it for me because I can’t. There is no possible way all the circumstances have been any other then Jesus providing the way for my freedom. Many times the answers weren’t what I wanted but I just kept giving thanks because I know Jesus will only provide good things for me. Although, the process has been painful the end result will lead me to what Jesus has in store for me and that will be way better than anything I could ever come up with for myself. The hardest thing is taking the small steps to not please the flesh. Each time I have it gets easier. I’ve been asking the Holy Spirit to speak through me or to help me when He knows that I won’t be able to do the right thing. I had a great breakthrough last week because of Him! Woohoo!!

  3. Yes I have been delivered from fear and though cleansing ministries and the blood of Jesus I was set free. But Iam struggling with heaviness and sadness that I cant seem to get rid of . I don’t want to feel this way anymore its dragging me down.

  4. I’ve been feeling a great deal of increasing sadness over the diagnosis my mom was recently given. I have had trouble even talking about it, yet I’m trying to stand in faith for her healing. After last night, I feel like I have been freed from that oppressive feeling of hopelessness and I’m battle-ready for her again. Thank you, Jesus! <3 Game on, devil! 😛

  5. First of all can we all say what a great teaching that was at the Ladies Meeting. Matt and Katie really did bring forward a very now word. Expecting to have God use them more powerfully from now on.
    While I was pondering over the message from Robert Morris I also realized something very magnificent had happened in the spiritual realm. We all might say Rain no, no more rain but if we would really sit and see how the Lord works we would realize the perfect timing when the Lord is moving. Reflecting on the timing of the rain and thunder and lighting prior to the meeting of last night could we not stop and look at the window of time that came before the meeting and after the meeting. No one caught in any storm coming or going. Then the prayers for everyone wanting freedom from all that tries to keep them in bondage. Then later in the night more storms more rain. Does the Lord not bring rain to cleanse to refresh to bring forward growth. When you listen to Robert Morris and really listen to the revelation about demonic attacks can you see how the Lord in this period of time is truly wanting us to be in Freedom. No matter what is going on around us think on Him and His cleansing and powerful rain that will bring you into new growth in your destiny . That our community will be able to be refreshed . Salvation will spring up from the ground and this healthy body will be a part of it. I humbly say Thankyou Lord Jesus for who you are and for what you are about to do with us.

  6. First of all could I say I thought Kati and Matt did and exceptional job on the teaching last night. I’m praying for more revelation to come thru the both of them we r Blessed to have them.
    As I was pondering the message from Robert Morris today I began to look at a different perspective of how the Lord moves on our behalf. There were tremendous storms n the area prior to the meeting. Lightening and thunder with the heaviest of rainfall. Do we all look at the weather and think Rain No,no more rain or do we c how n the spiritual realm this can actually b the magnificent workings of our heavenly Father and thru it all He gave us a window of time n which to gather with no storm n our coming or going. Then thru the night the rains came again, those rains that are cleansing refreshing and bring about new growth. If the message was about being set free so that we could move forward n our destinies whole and healthy not held n bondage to the wiles of the enemy. Could those rains b a precursor to what the Lord is going to do n our lives our communities our ministries. Did we have the priviledge of being set free n the washing of His rain. I would want to say let us all grab hold of this opportunity to b a body set free and ready to walk out the things our Lord has laid out for us. This is an exciting time to come out of bondage into freedom holding up and standing with each other showing love to everyone.

  7. It was such a pleasure for me to meet some beautiful women of Christ. So many times my anxiety kicks in and I lock myself in my house so no one can see my hurt. I’m grateful that God made a path of surety so that I could attend the Women’s Night. I feel I am in bondage of so many things, and have been, but didn’t realize it. I have a lot to let go, I have a lot to be freed from, I have a lot to learn. I’ve been a Christian all my life, now I need to start acting like one. After listening to Pastor Robert’s message, my heart is both sad and encouraged. Thank again ladies for welcoming me with open loving arms.

  8. I had known demons were real, I had been bound by anger, unforgiveness, pride, greed and resentment. I finally feel free from these things! I feel a genuine joy I haven’t felt in a long time. I thank Jesus so much for breaking the shackles that held me captive for years. My depression and anxiety I had, actually stemmed from the bondage I had. Thank you Jesus.

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