Ladies’ Event Devo – Day Three: The First Open Door

June 24, 2019 mattnkati 6 comments

The First Open Door

Welcome back to Day Three of our online video devotionals with Pastor Robert Morris. How are you loving it?!

The lust of the eyes is a major door through which Satan enters our lives. We open this door through greed, unbelief and fear.

Key Scriptures: Genesis 3:1–6; Malachi 3:7–12
Just as Adam and Eve opened the first door to Satan through the lust of the eyes, we open ourselves to Satan when we don’t tithe. The lust of the eyes manifests in three ways:

  • Greed. (Genesis 3:1–6; Genesis 4:3–7; Leviticus 27:30; Exodus 13:1–2, 23:19)
    When Adam and Eve ate from the forbidden tree, they took what belonged to God. We do the same when we don’t tithe. God tests us through the tithe because it shows whether or not we place our trust in Him.
  • Unbelief. (Malachi 3:7–12; Matthew 23:23; Joshua 6:19, 7:11–12)
    The Israelites showed their unbelief when they didn’t tithe. Some people in the Church don’t believe that tithing is relevant for today. God says that we are robbing Him when we don’t tithe. He blesses us and protects us from the devourer when we tithe.
  • Fear. (Luke 22:3; John 12:1–6; Matthew 26:15, 27:3–5; Exodus 21:32)
    Jesus’ disciple, Judas, opened the door to Satan through fear of the future. Some believers don’t tithe because of this same fear. We are trapped in bondage to the Enemy when we steal from God and choose not to tithe.

You know the drill...
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Discussion Questions

  1. How did you first learn about tithing? Did you have a positive or negative perspective on it?
  2. Read Genesis 3:1–6. Eve thought something other than all God had given her would make her happy. How is this similar to our own thinking? What are some ways we want “more,” even as we are abundantly blessed?
  3. How does tithing close the door to greed, unbelief, and fear?
  4. Read Malachi 3:6–12. This passage contains a confrontation and a promise. What does it tell us about God’s character and His heart for us?
  5. Do you have a story about how tithing changed your life or someone else’s? Please share below.

6 Comments on “Ladies’ Event Devo – Day Three: The First Open Door

  1. 1. I had known about tithing, and I honestly didn’t really start to grasp the importance until after I was saved again. Before I had always viewed it as there is no way we can afford to tithe. The enemy was telling me I wouldn’t have enough if I tithe. Now I realize what a lie that is!
    2. Greed is something that is relatable to that. Wanting more than what we have. And I have been there. Waiting to get paid to buy that new thing I just thought I had to have. Honestly, I didn’t need it. I just thought I wanted it. What I really needed was to realize what a blessing it is for me to have what I already do! God has already blessed me with an amazing family, children, and a place to live.
    3. When you tithe you become a giver. And when you give generously and sincere it pushes the greed, unbelief and fear out of our lives.
    4. God is unchanging, forgiving and wants to bless us! If we just obey and give to God what belongs to him we will reap the benefits!
    5. In December of 2018. I heard the Lord tell me to start tithing. At the time I was so stressed out about finances! Our rent was going up for the third time. We were struggling to make ends meet. When we made the first tithe, I felt such a peace and security. That I could trust God he was going to take care of us even with everything increasing on us. It also happened when we first tithed that Brian was told at work there would be a higher paying position opening. The chief specifically came to him and told him to apply and put in for the position. This position wasn’t suppose to be available until the middle of the year or later! But this was happening now and just after having faithfully tithed! The whole time we were both amazed at the blessing God had just opened to us. It was within weeks and Brian got the promotion! It was something we needed and God provided it for us. But aside from that we also learned to trust God more.

  2. I have known about tithing most of my Christian Life. For many years, I believed the lie that I couldn’t afford to tithe. Money was always an issue and we were always short. Always robbing from Peter to pay Paul – actually robbing God to pay bills.

    Since we began tithing, I don’t think about money any longer. It is not a source of stress or fighting. There is always enough. Not only did I begin tithing, I began put money regularly in savings. (Something that I couldn’t do regularly prior to this) Now, I look and I wonder where did that money come from. Going from lack to having more than enough has been a miracle, I truly don’t know how it happened. But nothing is impossible for God!

    One story. We have a company and don’t tithe on the company, but on our paychecks. My husband decided we should tithe on the company. So he gave me an amount for the first three months of this year and I was thinking OK, but don’t know how this is going to work. So, we paid the first month, and then in the second month, vehicle insurance was changed and the amount that we were giving was the exact amount that the vehicle insurance decreased!

  3. Wow! I’ve never heard tithing being presented this way. It never occurred to me that I was robbing God. It makes perfect sense. My heart is convicted. In years past, people have told me God understands your financial situation, it’s okay not to tithe. That day will come when you can comfortably tithe.
    I don’t want to be the type who tithes so that I will be blessed, I want to tithe because it’s in God’s word and is the right thing to do. If my tithing will shut the door to Satan, then that door shall be shut!

  4. I started tithing a little over a year ago. When I heard God’s word on it, I started immediately. I never have had any major money issues except that I always had it. I’ve always been a hard worker and could make good money. I grew up having anything I’d needed or wanted. We had to work for it but I knew I wouldn’t ever be without. All that being said…..I am or at least have been a horrible stuart with my money. That’s the biggest thing tithing has taught me. I have wasted thousands of dollars on wasted things. None of which was going to good causes. I believe I read somewhere that we can store up treasures in Heaven. Today, I try my hardest to use my money for that cause and to help others. It’s been extremely difficult for me to change my spending habits but the good thing is that I’m not doing it. The Holy Spirit in me is!
    As I’m typing this I’m realizing that God has been working on me through tithing to release my independent thinking. I’ve had a huge problem with being to independent in my marriage. Sense closing my restaurant, I’ve had to rely on my husband’s income. That has been very difficult for me. I’ve slowly started breaking down walls to allow another person into my finances.

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