Ladies’ Event Devo – Day Two: Permission Granted

June 23, 2019 mattnkati 5 comments

Welcome back to Day Two of our online video devotionals with Pastor Robert Morris.

Sin in our lives opens the door to bondage to the Enemy. God allows this bondage so that we will cry out to Him and return to Him.

Key Scriptures: Luke 22:31–32; Job 1:6–12; I Kings 22:7–8, 15–19
Pride is the most common way that Christians open the door to being held captive by our Enemy, the devil.

  • Pride is trusting in your own strength.
    Jesus’ disciple Peter claimed he would never deny Jesus, rebuked Jesus and cut off a man’s ear, all because he relied on his own strength. God allowed Peter to be “sifted” by Satan so pride would not destroy Peter. (Mark 14:27–31, Matthew 16:21–23, I Corinthians 10:12)
  • Pride is trusting in your own righteousness.
    God granted Satan permission to come against Job because Job was righteous in his own eyes. Like Job, mature believers are vulnerable to this trap when we begin to measure our righteousness by what we do, and not by Christ’s sacrifice on the cross. (Job1:6–12, 32:1–2; 33:8–9, 36:3, Job 38)
  • Pride is trusting in your own wisdom.
    King Ahab didn’t want to obey God, so he only listened to prophets who told him what he wanted to hear. Even when a truthful prophet tried to warn him, Ahab refused to listen. Ultimately, he was destroyed. (2 Kings 21:1–6; I Kings 22:20–23; James 3:14–15)

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Discussion Questions

  1. Which of the three stories from the Bible spoke to you the most—Peter, Job or Ahab? Why?
  2. What are some ways we might rely on our own strength without even realizing it? How does our culture encourage us to trust in our own strength?
  3. Did you learn anything new from the story of Job?
  4. Have you ever been tempted like King Ahab to ignore wise advice that you didn’t want to hear? Share your story below.
  5. God is in control and will use the enemy to fulfill His purposes as He did with Peter, Job and Ahab. Why is it difficult to remember that God is in control when we are in the middle of a battle?

5 Comments on “Ladies’ Event Devo – Day Two: Permission Granted

  1. Because people have looked to me for encouragement over the past 17ish years of my walk with Jesus, I have struggled with a pridefulness that says I can’t have problems. “What if people knew your struggle? What if they saw? Then you couldn’t help them because they would see that you can’t help yourself.” Isn’t that crazy?! What if they saw what?!…That I’m a fallible human, just like them, and totally need God too?! My goodness. What a ridiculous thought. Its full of self-righteousness. And what if they saw that I can’t help myself? That right there shows a tendency to lean on my own strength. I’m not anyone else’s answer…Jesus is! So there’s no need to act as if I don’t have issues. Jesus is the only spotless one. God has allowed difficult things to take place in my life to reveal this messed up theology to me, and then, He did exactly what Pastor Morris said—after I was convicted and repented, He used it for my good. That’s why I try to live my life now like a plate glass window. See my cracks. See my flaws. They’re there! BUT, I know God can use even these things to help people at the same time He is restoring me. The minute I think I need to hide something, I discover my need to expose it to the light of Jesus. I can’t do this thing on my own. I know how much I need God and I know, in my weaknesses, He is strong. On my own, I have nothing of value. But in Him, I have access to all wisdom, power and strength. I am not defective or a bad example, as the enemy would have me believe…I am just completly reliant on Him and I’m not afraid to admit it.

    1. I can totally relate to those lies. When would I ever be perfect enough for me to help others if not now?! Just another way satan will keep us from proclaiming the good of God. Wow! That was powerful, Lisa. Thank you for sharing.

  2. I just realized pride is what has kept me in bondage. I have always believed that I was the one that had to get through problems. It was me that got me where I needed to be. Wow! I just realized how crazy that is. I would say that I trusted God and wanted Him to take control but I never really released myself to let Him. I needed to hear this!

  3. Lord I repent of any inkling of pride in me . I know you are in control and always are no matter what it seems like to me. Thank you Lord for helping me see over and over Iam nothing without you.

  4. 1. All of them, I noticed the pride they all had. Reflecting on it, I have at a point wrestled with pride on strength and turning to my own wisdom. Without realizing it.
    2. By believing we can fix the problems in our own lives and our culture encourages it by saying you can do anything. Take charge of your own life to make changes.
    3. I never noticed that Job had been so righteous in his own eyes.
    4. Yes, when I was a teenager my mom had told me I needed to hang out with different friends if I kept up the change in my attitude. I was mad when she said that and didn’t understand why she had told me that until later on.
    5. It is hard to remember because God sees our hearts and he wants us to repent of our sins and bondage so he can use us and better us for the plan God has for our lives. But we need to realize what we need to repent from first.

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