Vision for Game-Changers

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Vision—it’s the clarity that drives us toward the realm of greatness. It’s the thing that floats in the minds of dreamers, those who crave purpose and satisfaction beyond what they’ve ever known. Vision gives far sight to the ambitious and fuels the benevolent, catalyzing dreams into successful realities. Every thriving institution relies on a vision for its success, and great individuals effect great change when vision fuels them.


At LifechurchX in Waterloo, Illinois, vision marks the purpose of every member of the body. As Christ-followers, we are all called to carry out the great commission—to share the gospel of Christ with the world in which we live—but each of us is meant to carry out God’s commission in a unique, eXclusively original way. The vision of LifechurchX recognizes the individuality of creation and is structured to help us uncover our potential and walk out our purpose so that, ultimately, we can radically impact the world around us. As a church we are moved, by definition, to raise up game-changers.


It is for the community of Waterloo, Illinois, that LifechurchX has been so positioned, and it is through us that the church’s vision will make itself known beyond our four walls. Game-changers are recognized by who we are and what we do. At LifechurchX, we are driven by four non-negotiable values: passion, humility, integrity, and love (PHIL). More than a random list of morals, these values are meant to steer game-changers in the right direction as we develop our identity and influence. Life is a never-ending opportunity for growth, and we’ll never fully embrace God’s purpose for our lives if we aren’t passionate, humble, integral, and loving. Without these values, we lose effectiveness in our communities, the right to have an influential voice, and countless opportunities to model authentic Christianity to others. To raise up game-changers, we must first show how Jesus changed the game for us; we must reflect His character. (Click here to read more on our values.)


Our values equip us to eXtend, eXpand, eXperience, and eXchange. The church’s X-factor eXists to provoke eXtreme change and multiplication, both of which we approach through these four focus areas. Game-changers can’t sit by while our environments remain untouched; we desire more from life than mediocrity because we remember Jesus calling all His followers to greatness (John 14:12). In effect, game-changers eXtend ourselves by serving and partying with the Waterloo community and surrounding areas in Illinois. We eXpand the cause of Christ by raising up other game-changers. Then, we return to our source of strength through a relational eXperience with Jesus so we may have something powerful to offer those in need. We also eXchange with each other life’s greatest moments and toughest circumstances. This is the stride of a LifechurchX game-changer who is purposed to be fulfilled and offer fulfillment to others. (Read more about what it means to eXtend, eXpand, eXperience, and eXchange here.)


We are called to change the game of life. That’s why LifechurchX’s vision is so relevant—it’s purposed entirely for us and the people we are called to reach. We were created to reflect the nature of God, to be the X-factors our community needs. We must embody passion, humility, integrity, and love to gain influence with others who need to discover their purpose. We can change the course of our lives and the lives of others by eXtending our reach, eXpanding our influence, eXperiencing God’s heart, and eXchanging it with others. The vision of LifechurchX to raise up game-changers is much more than a slogan—it’s everything we need to become who we are meant to be.


So...are you ready to change the game with us?!

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