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Not only do the people in the remote villages of India not have running water in their homes, but they don't even have it in their village. Every day, millions of women are responsible for walking a mile or two—sometimes twice a day—to find and bring water back to their homes. This is in addition to all the other responsibilities they have in their homes, such as laundry, preparing meals, cleaning the house, taking care of children, etc.  As you can imagine, having access to fresh, clean water is a complete game-changer for these women and their families!

For the past several years, Jack and Sherry Harris, of Global Messenger Service (GMS), have committed to put water wells in remote villages across India so the women do not have to walk for miles to obtain this very essential need.  So far, they have drilled and dedicated nearly 70 wells across the region of Tamil Nadu, India.

It is amazing how something as simple as a well can change a life. But, their mission is more than just digging wells. The wells are always strategically placed outside of a church building because they want the pastor to have an opportunity to reach his village.  Most of these pastors are considered outcasts in a predominately Hindu community. But, by providing water, the pastor is now able to build relationships and show the love of Christ.  If people are coming daily to get water, eventually they will also receive Living Water!

Because of LifechurchX's commitment to eXtend God's love across international borders, we invite you to partner with us and the Harrises through GMS to help bring clean water to remote villages in India. The total cost of a well is just $4,000. Just click the button below to give toward the total cost of this project.

If giving to the well project online, be sure to select "Missions" in the TO: field.
If texting to give, type the amount, then space and type the word "Missions" before sending.


LifechurchX Well Dedication Videos

So far, our church has donated enough funds to full pay, in full, for SEVEN wells in seven different villages! Below are a few video clips of the first four installments that took place in September 2018. There was a fifth well also dedicated on this trip; however, we were unable to obtain footage of that ceremony. The neXt two wells were dedicated in March of 2019. Thank you, LifechurchX, for your generous hearts and for the eXtension of love you have shown to the people of Indonesia!

LifechurchX Well Dedication Photos