On-Fire for Jesus

We eXperience the power of God through an eXpression of authentic Prayer and worship

We believe in living a life of worship not only in our Sunday church services but in our daily walk of faith. We are hungry to encounter Jesus every day through relationship—not religion. We believe a church with a thriving and corporate worship culture—which is eXperienced in our weekend and youth church services—will begin to spill over into our daily lives.
Let us help you eXperience God through Prayer and Worship.

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Our Worship Style

Our worship style is contemporary. We understand that there are many different preferences and opinions about things like song selection, instruments, volume, and the use of audio/visual technology. We believe that God has called us to bring forth His unchanging message in new wineskins. We do not see any indication in scripture that worship is restricted to one particular style so long as it is done in spirit and in truth. While we will never compromise or change on any matter of doctrine, we remain fleXible and willing to change with our worship style in order to connect with people where they are and lead them into God’s beautiful presence. 


Our ultimate desire in every worship service is that the presence of God dwell with us. While we understand that every born-again believer has the indwelling presence of God through the Holy Spirit, we believe that the manifest presence of God will come into an atmosphere where He is invited, welcomed, and revered. 

"God inhabits the praises
of His people."

- king David

We love to honor God through a passionate eXpression of contemporary worship

Prayer Rooms

We approach everything in prayer. Intentional, targeted intercessory prayer. Our prayer rooms are open in Jerseyville and Waterloo-Columbia all week during office hours, as well as before and after services. We welcome anyone to use this space for prayer and worship to connect with God.

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Why is Baptism Necessary?

Baptism is often described as an “outward eXpression of an inward confession” (1 Peter 3:21). At some point, after a person decides to make Jesus their Lord and Savior, water baptism offers a wonderful opportunity for believers to make a public declaration of that decision in front of their family, friends, and fellow believers. But the main reason we baptize with water is because Jesus tells us to!

Baptisms are offered multiple times throughout the year as needed to serve the needs of our congregation. If you’re interested in making that neXt step in your personal relationship with Jesus, click here.

Church Campus

9538 Caring Way
Columbia, IL 62236

Service Times
Sundays 9am & 11am


Church Campus

300 Bluebird Ln.
Jerseyville, Il 62052

Service Times
Sundays 10AM



9538 Caring Way
Columbia, IL 62236