Global eXtensions

LifechurchX is committed to reaching beyond our borders to impact the lives of people all across the world with the love of Jesus.

Below are a couple of the global organizations that LifechurchX prayerfully and financially supports on a regular basis.

Crisis Aid International

Girls Home

Crisis Aid International

Girls Home


Crisis Aid International started by providing 2-pound bags of rice to people in South Sudan. Their work quickly evolved to serve people in crisis living in 11 different countries.  Together with their partners, they have provided more than 14.9 million pounds of food and served 2.3 million adults and malnourished children, rescued more than 870 girls age 4 to 30 years old from seX trafficking, and more.

Today Crisis Aid concentrates efforts in East Africa and the United States serving children and families who are in crisis situations.  Whether it be famine, disease, natural disaster, or seX trafficking, Crisis Aid is there.

Human Trafficking

Global Impact

Crisis Aid began their “Safe Campaign” by rescuing their first girl from a red light district in December 2006. In March 2007, they opened their first home for young girls they rescued from red light districts in East Africa. They now operate multiple homes in East Africa and have provided services to more than 227 girls through their Refuge Homes. These rescued girls range from 9-30 years old.

As a part of Crisis Aid's holistic approach, rescued girls are taken to their new home where they receive food, shelter, clothing, emotional and spiritual counseling, educational opportunities, vocational training, medical care, a spending allowance and more. Furthermore, Crisis Aid assesses the situations that may have perpetuated the plight of these young ladies and they formulate plans to attack the sources (such as eXtreme poverty or a lack of education or job training, etc.).

Local Efforts

After providing services to more than 230 survivors of seX trafficking (which is now more than 860) and operating multiple Refuge homes for victims worldwide, Crisis Aid was thrilled to open its first U.S. Refuge Home for American victims of seX trafficking in December of 2012 in St. Louis Missouri. In June 2015, they eXpanded the U.S. Refuge Home to serve minors separately from adults, enabling them to accept placements from state agencies. Since January 2013, they have provided services to more than 155 American victims of seX trafficking, age 13-30 years old. They are now working to eXpand again to serve young mothers who have young children, which is an unmet need.

The program incorporates a holistic approach to rehabilitation. Crisis Aid is working closely with federal and local law enforcement officials, Department of Family Services, Children’s Division, and other agencies to refer victims to their home. The girls they serve are provided a safe loving home with their own bedroom. They receive a variety of services and opportunities including basic care, professional counseling, medical and mental health care, dozens of life skills programs, educational opportunities, recreational activities, and more.

Humanitarian Aid

In 2017 Crisis Aid distributed over 8 million meals worldwide. In East Africa alone they fed over 133,402 people, including more than 20,800 severely malnourished children who would have likely not survived otherwise.

Providing clean water through wells for people in need is one part of a holistic community development model being implemented by Crisis Aid in East Africa. In 2008, they began implementing a program to provide water to people living in remote villages—where clean water has never been available. Since then, more than 42 water wells have been permanently installed in East Africa, with 12 being added just in 2017 alone.

Medical Services
Combining their Medical Clinics, Medical Mission Trips, Health Education, and other surgeries they have provided, Crisis Aid has provided medical care to more than 397,000 people in East Africa since 2006.

Crisis Aid focuses on children and pregnant mothers but serves the whole family. Many common services provided include treating effects of severe malnutrition, malaria, TB, prenatal care, family planning, HIV testing, vaccinations, health education and much more. Their clinics provide both inpatient and outpatient services and work closely with their feeding programs to serve communities more holistically. Crisis Aid was presented with an award as one of the top-quality clinics in the country. They also recently built a Pediatric Medical Clinic & Child Stabilization Center in partnership with Joyce Meyer Ministries/Hand Of Hope. The first two floors opened in December 2016.

Global Messenger Service

Well Project

Global Messenger Service

Well Project


Global Messenger Service, led by Pastor Jack and Sherry Harris, is a missions organization focused on empowering leaders. For more than 40 years, Pastor Jack and Sherry have flown over five-million miles; planted churches in India, Guatemala, Brazil, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, and Costa Rica; helped raise-up over 50 missionaries. They have taken over 1,500 people on short-term mission trips; translated books; provided feeding programs; and opened boys and girls homes to provide for orphaned children. Global Messenger Service also provides monthly support to 15 missionaries in China, Kenya, MeXico, Costa Rica, India, Russia and other nations.

Humanitarian aid is one of the predominant focuses of Global Messenger Service. Together, Jack and Sherry have established children’s homes, clinics, and a full-service hospital in remote areas of India. For many years they provided food, vitamins, and medical treatment to over 6,000 pastors and their families. Tons of rice and other staples have been distributed to thousands in need, including people affected by tsunamis, hurricanes, and floods.

Jack and Sherry have held hundreds of open-air crusades in India, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Brazil, Poland, and Germany. They have planted over 200 churches and provided cars, vans, motorcycles, sound systems, and hundreds of thousands of books, concordances, and study materials for leaders in more than 50 nations. They established International School of Ministries Bible colleges in India, Sri Lanka, and Vietnam. At least 20,000 students have attended these schools.

The Harrises have ministered face-to-face to over 135,000 pastors in seminars and conferences. Jack has a mandate to empower pastors and help them reach their cities and nations. They have also mentored more than 50 missionaries and helped them in their journeys to reach the world.

Jack and Sherry presently spend most of their time and energy on ministry to developing leaders in third-world nations and missionaries from America. They have future plans to plant 200 more churches and mentor 100 more missionaries over the neXt few years. Church planting, deep water wells in remote villages of India, and a slum they have adopted in Brazil are also strong focuses for GMS.

Pastor Jack has preached in some of the largest (over 125,000 members) and smallest churches in the world; ministered face-to-face to over 135,000 pastors in nations all around the world; conducted dozens of seminars for pastors, evangelists, worship leaders, and lay leaders over the past 30 years; and held over 200 crusades.


  • Jack & Sherry have drilled and dedicated 66 wells across the region of Tamil Nadu, India, so far
  • Wells are placed neXt to churches to provide both natural and Living Water
  • Placement of these wells also gives "outcast" Christian pastors the ability to connect with a primarily Hindu community

Biker Ministry

  • Jack & Sherry got their first chopper at 20 years old. 40 years later, they are still riding and have an influential voice in the motorcycle world
  • Jack has ridden with the Christian Crusaders for many years, a motorcycle club focused on reaching outlaw bikers
  • Men and women who would never come to church will ride with him, as he takes the "church" to them

Leadership Development

  • Founded the “Asian International Ministers Fellowship” or, A.I.M.
  • Fellowship for pastors and evangelists in Asia.
  • Started A.I.M. Fellowship with 75 pastors in one city and grew to over 6,000 pastors in 39 cities across four nations.
  • Conducts regularly scheduled ministers’ meetings in Rio de Janeiro and Victoria, Brazil; San Jose, Costa Rica; and in Estepona, Spain.
  • Conducted meetings in Nicaragua, Cuba, Vietnam, and Senegal.
  • We are making a strong impact on these nations.


  • Conducted hundreds of crusades in India, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Kenya, Poland, Latvia, Ukraine, Thailand, MeXico, and Brazil.
  • Conducted “One Million Souls for Heaven” in 1987-88 and “Asia Challenge 2000.”
  • Sponsored and directed two evangelism teams in South India and five in North India. Each of these teams held crusades 20 to 25 nights a month and each team reached hundreds of thousands.
  • Conducted a massive campaign of crusades and film evangelism with the goal of preaching to millions and getting at least 1,000,000 people saved.
  • Had 10 film teams who showed a movie—made in India with an all Indian cast—to reach remote villages, literally wearing out 16mm projectors, dozens of prints of the film, generators, and people through showing this film in so many villages over the years.

Missions in America

  • Passionately promoted the cause of world evangelism to Christians and churches in America.
  • Consulted with church leaders to help them establish effective missions programs for their churches.
  • Preached in missions conferences and seminars all over America.

Tools for Ministry

  • Given away hundreds and hundreds of bicycles, motorcycles, concordances, study Bibles, VCR’s and televisions, cars, and vans to pastors and evangelists.
  • Translated the ‘International School of Ministries” (ISOM) video Bible school into Tamil and started more than 70 Bible schools with over 2,500 students in India.
  • Smuggled the International School of Ministries video Bible school program into Vietnam and provided it free of charge to over 50 church organizations in Vietnam.
  • Registered over 10,000 students in this Bible school.
  • Provided almost 60 laptop computers to key leaders in the nation of Vietnam with the ISOM Bible school on them. These laptops have an MP3 edit suite for editing and distributing sermons. They can also be used for communication.
  • Translated Faith Roots for Children into Tamil (India) and Vietnamese

Humanitarian Aid

  • Provided Tsunami relief, delivering several tons of humanitarian aid to people in Banda Aceh, Indonesia and making numerous trips into the disaster zone to personally oversee the distribution of aid and to show the love of God to people.
  • Founded and operate two children’s homes in India—one for boys and one for girls.
  • Sponsored a home in North India where the children of Missionaries from South India could live in safety and receive an education.
  • Had a doctor on our staff for many years in India, and provided free medical treatment and medication for pastors and their families.
  • Cofounded a hospital and five clinics in Bihar, North India.
  • Established English as a Second Language classes, G.E.D courses, and tutoring classes for slum-dwellers in Brazil.

Church Planting

  • Planted over 200 churches in India, Guatemala, Brazil, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, and Costa Rica.
  • Challenged over 23,000 pastors in Asia to plant a new church and provided them with a simple plan to use for church plants.

Reaching Unreached People Groups

  • Conducted eXtensive ministry in remote areas of Indonesia including Papua, East Timor, and Sulawesi.
  • Have been instrumental in reaching three unreached people groups in India. The Bhojpuri, the Maggai, and the Mythali.
  • Traveled to Vietnam regularly since 1989.
  • Established an underground printing operation in Vietnam, printing two New Testaments for the Sting and Koho people.
  • Printed thousands of copies of the Bible in Vietnamese on our underground printing press.